I Wish This Journey Continues Forever

I Wish This Journey Continues Forever

I Wish This Journey Continues Forever

Today I started my journey by calling CRC Madam of Kesarwala cluster. Turned out, she was occupied with official work and was preparing for the follow up of training later in the day. So I decided to visit a few schools on my own. I selected two schools from the list and started off. After driving for 10 km, I saw a lady asking for lift. I stopped my bike, and to my surprise, found that I already knew her. She was a teacher at one of the remotest schools in Raipur block. She recognized me immediately. She said she was on the way to her school and wanted me to come along. I agreed.


On the way she talked about the issues and concerns regarding her school and about teaching learning process. After the 7 km journey she asked me to park my motorbike in the junior school campus as we had to walk on foot to complete the rest of the distance. We started walking towards Timali Man Singh which was about 4 km from the junior school. We had to climb a small hilltop to reach the school. The teacher kept talking about her experiences with students, community, and the challenges she faced in day to day operations. Finally we reached the school after a 45-minute walk and were tired.


It was 10:15 in the morning and all the children and teachers were attending the morning assembly. Once the students settled in their classes, I went to a 1st grade classroom and was amused to see the children learning with smart class TLM. I forgot my fatigue and started interacting with them. Each one of them was familiar with the smart class kit and one of the students of class 1, Aayush led a small group of 3-4 children and was teaching them counting with the help of the number line. Others were busy making shapes in their notebook.


After I started discussing my observations with teachers, one of them told me: “Sampark’s kit has been a great help to us as it helps in teaching Math in a very easy way.” After spending some more time with students and teachers, I started my return journey. Throughout the way, I was thinking of the children and teachers, and I was smiling at the satisfaction that the students were using the smart class kit and enjoying it. That satisfaction filled me with a lot of energy and inspired me to visit other schools situated in far flung areas.



Spark Sandeep Kumar, Uttrakhand

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