Over 100,000 teachers experienced the magic of audio – Sampark Didi

Over 100,000 teachers experienced the magic of audio – Sampark Didi

2016 marked Sampark Foundation’s collaboration with the Government of Uttarakhand and Chhattisgarh. The objective of this collaboration is to transform learning in classrooms through frugal innovation. Under Sampark Smart Shala Program, the foundation has covered 17500 school with over 700K children in Uttarakhand and 33000 schools with over 2300K children in Chhattisgarh.

This program for Math and English is first of its kind that uses three new innovations of teaching learning aids, audio lessons with music and songs combined with stories and games to make learning fun. Sampark’s vision is to enable teachers with interesting teaching methodologies for a better learning outcome. Keeping this vision in mind, Sampark Foundation had trained 100,000 teachers in the span of 3 months. Teachers were trained on four core interventions:

1. Sampark Didi: our unique voice takes children on a playful journey of developing English language and numeracy skills through fun filled stories, rhymes and games with catchy music.

2. Assisted Teaching: The discomfort of teaching English and Math among teachers could only be overcome using assisted teaching and enabling teachers to learn while they teach. Sampark Didi sets the stage in the first 15 minutes for the teacher to teach the rest of the English lesson using TLMs along with pre-designed activities and games.

3. 3D TLMs with folklore: 240 lessons are built around a journey from:

  • Concrete to abstract
  • Known to unknown
  • Simple to complex

4. Progress Tracking and Monitoring

  • Progress Chart: A base line test helps teachers map and display concept wise competence of each child in a multi grained classroom. She forms groups around competences and then tracks each child’s progress using the Progress Charts.
  • Smart App: Monthly progress of 3 million children is captured through an android app on smart phones. Actionable relative performance reports are sent to school administrators.

There is nothing more fulfilling than the moment when teachers come up to us and share their feedback, about how Sampark Didi has changed the way they look at teaching English. We will always remember the teacher in Uttarakhand who remarked “mujhe is baat ki khushi hai ke pehli baar kisi ni hamari bhi samvednaayon ko samjha”.

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